Ways to Teach.



Sarah May Alexander

Journalist, Newsreader & Network Producer

Sarah worked for many years in media as a journalist, newsreader and later in management as the producer of several very successful, high profile teams in breakfast radio.  

The national success of these platforms reflects Sarah’s talent for cultivating and nurturing highly productive and motivated work environments, particularly in fast-paced and high intensity professional environments.

Johanna Ferris

Registered Nurse & Change Leader

Johanna is a registered nurse with postgraduate degrees that focus on leadership, change management, mental health and neuroscience.

Johanna has trained many workplace cohorts, from healthcare students through to hospital executive teams in developing countries.

Her passion is for cultivating change through self-reflective leadership, kindness and neuroscience.

Public Speaking

Looking for speakers that will set your next conference on fire in the best possible way?

The Work Wives deliver engaging, insightful and inspiring content, with over 25 years of combined training and experience in a wide range of topics regarding how to thrive in the workplace and in life.

Professional Education Experience in: 

– Work Life Balance

– Community Over Competition

– Conflict Resolution Strategies

– Positive Workplace Relationships

– Finding Passion and Purpose

– Neuroplasticity in Goal Setting

– Leading Industry Change

– Parenting While Career Driven

Workshops & Seminars

You want to be able to deliver the best content possible to the people whose success you care most about.  You want your attendees to feel alive and thrive.  

You want them fulfilled, inspired, connected.  You want them to know their worth and know how to express it.  You want them to walk away feeling like they’re better for having come along.

You want to run shit hot events. We get it.  It’s what The Work Wives are best at. 


For many years, Sarah and Anna have been facilitating incredible workshops for groups of as small as 10 and into the hundreds.

They are highly experienced at both running their own workshops and seminars as well as facilitating and hosting events for others.

If you are looking to provide an incredible event for your people that will get their success juices flowing and set their soul on fire, fill out the form below to get in touch and see how Anna and Sarah can help you make that happen.